Case Study – Affiniv: Net Promoter Score and Customer Feedback SaaS Software Boosts Business Leads with TwitEye

Before working with TwitEye, the Affiniv team needed help to take advantage of twitter’s vast opportunities. In a noisy social media world, Affiniv found a single tool to cut through the noise and generate revenue from Twitter. Like many of us, it was easier for the Affinniv team to see social media’s actual value once they had a tool to help them automate the heavy lifting of lead generation.

Manas Panda, CEO and co-founder of, explains, “The main objectives of using TwitEye are to generate new business opportunities and enhance our customer service performance. As a SaaS platform for Net Promoter Score and Customer Feedback, we frequently use Twitter to connect with current and potential clients seeking information and opinions within our industry.”

“Utilizing Twitter and TwitEye to identify potential business opportunities has improved our interactions with prospective clients and has helped us maintain a positive reputation for customer service on the platform.”

“Immediate responses to customer inquiries lead to satisfaction and can boost sales, as well as improve engagement on Twitter. TwitEye offers additional features which can utilize in business operations. Listening to customer feedback and staying aware of industry discussions on social media platforms such as Twitter is essential for optimizing marketing, sales, and engagement efforts. Utilizing a tool like Twilert can assist in filtering out unnecessary information.”